Where is Sutton in The Isle?


Sutton-in-the-Isle, commonly referred to simply as Sutton, is a parish and village in the county of Cambridgeshire in England, near the city of Ely. The "in-the-Isle" suffix refers to the fact that the village is part of the Isle of Ely, once an island in The Fens and also an administrative county until 1965.The village location on the high ground of the Isle of Ely provides commanding views across the surrounding low lying Fens.

What is the Sutton Feast?

Selected from voluminous notes of the late Harold Painter by Mike Petty & Pat Petty. 1980

"In his time, the late Mr Painter and his family were very enthusiastic supporters of Sutton Feast and did a lot to foster it. This was an event which drew most of the village to watch the parade and enjoy the fairground and stalls which were assembled to one side of the church. However, as a record from the entries of the Ely Rural Deanery of 1902 shows, Sutton Feast, like many others around the country, had in the course of time lost much of its original purpose as the emphasis of the Feast changed."

The Current Sutton Feast

The current Feast Committee was formed in 1998 following initial meetings and discussions with interested parties about how the village wanted to celebrate the Millennium. Its objectives were:

• To promote and encourage the spirit of community in Sutton.
• To co-ordinate the annual Feast celebrations....
• To arrange social events on behalf of the community of Sutton.
• To promote involvement of all groups in Sutton.
• To have fun and enjoyment whilst organising events.

 Over the years, this has led to a series of successful outcomes including:

• A church service, candlelit procession and firework display on New Year’s Eve 1999 which was then repeated on New Year’s Eve 2000 and 2001.
• The commissioning of Sutton Millennium coins which were given to all primary school children and were also available to residents to buy.• Millennium candles delivered to every household in the village.
• Feast Weeks 2000 - 2014.
• The commissioning of Sutton Golden Jubilee mugs which were given to all primary school children and were also available for residents to buy.
• The commissioning of Sutton tea towels, notelets, cards, calendars, jotters and eco-friendly bags to raise funds both for future Feasts and the production of five Sutton history booklets.
• Various other events including Sutton Unplugged, Fur Coat & Magic Knickers, Christmas Quizzes, Blues evenings and film shows

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